Curing the Insurance Industry of its spreadsheet addiction

Go beyond bordereaux with an automated data exchange and digital workbench to revolutionise your Back Office

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A complete solution-2
Optimizing Efficiencies and eliminating bordereaux

distriBind’s automation capabilities will enable us to optimise efficiencies…. as well as immediately eliminating bordereaux on some accounts…

Liberty Specialty Markets
Program Business Distribution Manager
Unique digital delegated authority...

It's an amazing opportunity for our team to partner with distriBind and leverage their unique digital delegated authority API solutions which tremendously speed up our integration within the insurance syndicate's ecosystem.

CEO & Co-founder
distriBind has solved a long-running, systemic industry problem

distriBind has solved a long-running, systemic industry problem with a product that seamlessly adapts to any market or deal framework…


Curing the insurance industry of its spreadsheet addiction


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