From Spreadsheets to Real-Time Data: Transforming Delegated Authority

Written at Oct 24, 2023 1:08:05 PM by Iryna Lyulchuk


In today's highly regulated world of Insurance, it's important to be quick, accurate, and up-to-date. However, as technology evolves, the industry faces significant challenges as it continues to rely on outdated tools like Excel spreadsheets and manual updates.


Human Error: A Price Too High to Pay

One of the key challenges when handling bordereaux through spreadsheets and outdates tools is the escalated potential for human error. Delegated authority agreements have lots of data. A minor discrepancy in processing bordereaux, like adding an extra number or misplacing a decimal point, can cause big financial problems. Incorrect premium calculations or claim settlements can cause severe setbacks for insurers, brokers, and coverholders alike.


The Time Drain: Efficiency Held Hostage

The insurance industry is dynamic. Agents, brokers, and insurers are constantly on their toes, facing the ever-changing maze of client needs and market fluctuations. While handling bordereaux manually, they find themselves trapped in time-consuming tasks like data entry, document tracking, and report generation.

Frankly, this goes beyond inefficiency—it's missed opportunity. Every moment spent on these mundane tasks is a moment taken away from strategising, analysing, and innovating.


The Need for Speed: Real-time Data

In today's fast-paced world, we require instant data to make quick decisions, making it a necessity rather than a luxury. Traditional tools like Excel, though groundbreaking in their time, now fall short of the dynamic needs of modern businesses. The absence of real-time functionality acts as a roadblock, hampering swift responses to market dynamics.


Embracing the Future with Data Exchange Solutions

The antidote to the industry's challenges lies in the adoption of modern data exchange solutions, tailored to the demands of Insurance. Let's explore the advantages they offer:

Efficient Data Sharing: Centralized platforms foster an environment where data exchange becomes frictionless. This seamless communication bridge ensures stakeholders are always on the same page, minimizing delays and errors.

Real-time Updates: Modern platforms guarantee all parties involved remain in the loop with up-to-the-minute information. This not only bolsters accuracy but also ensures transparency.

Reduced Errors: By leveraging automation and standardized data formats, such solutions drastically eliminate the pitfalls linked with manual bordereaux management.

Cost Savings: Technology-led solutions often lead to cost reductions. Cutting out redundancies and human mistakes means noticeable financial savings.


Final Thoughts

In a rapidly evolving landscape, success is no longer just about keeping pace but staying ahead. The Insurance industry has two choices: stick with manual processes or embrace digital transformation for better opportunities. It's vital for thought leaders within the industry to recognize this key moment and lead the way towards updating. Using advanced technology is crucial for efficiency and success in a competitive and regulated environment. Want to learn more about distriBind? Download our brochure today!

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Iryna Lyulchuk

Product Owner