3 Steps to Pain-Free Delegated Authority

Written at Jul 31, 2023 1:51:36 PM by Dave Connors

Advanced technology doesn’t have to be complicated. distriBind uses cutting-edge AI to remove the pain from the Delegated Authority process, automating the validation and reconciliation of risk, claim and financial data, but we keep it simple.



To achieve this, we:

  1. Automate as much as possible - the majority of data will flow through distriBind without any manual touchpoints, and our home dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of automation levels. By applying AI, the levels of automation will start high and increase over time.

  2. Make everything else as easy as possible - for the bits that can’t be automated, distriBind makes it obvious what needs to be done, and allows users to complete tasks in as few steps as possible - with seamless integration with Outlook for queries, or allowing filter of multiple grids with a single click

  3. Give intuitive, detailed information - “Understanding at a glance, Knowledge in detail”. A single glance of our binder overview screen will let you know your credit control position, and a few simple steps will identify the individual risk instalments or unmatched payments that need resolving.

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Dave Connors

CEO & Founder