Magical Christmas with distriBind: 5 Delegated Authority Wishes!

Written at Jul 31, 2023 2:02:56 PM by Charlie Rock

All I want for Christmas is…oversight of my delegated authority business

Now, I know that doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing to want for Christmas, but it would be great to know what risks I have before the end of Q1 2024.

distriBind provides such a view and tools to fit anyone’s needs, like a DA manager, and here’s how.

Tracker – distriBind provides clear and accurate details of when each bordereau is due and notifies the user or users of said bordereaux have not been received. Giving the user the tools they need to start the chasing process.

Ingestion – however you or your business partner want to send the data, distriBind can receive it in any format. That being API/XML, PDF, or the traditional excel format, here at distriBind we can process it all.

Validation – when that bordereaux eventually finds its way to you, clear, accurate, and visually validated data at both core and binder business levels. This is presented to the user simply and distriBind provides the tools to approve, review or reject that data.

Queues – at distriBind we never want to fail a file. Somewhere, amongst all that bad data we have to deal with in the delegated authority world, there is a row/message of good data. Why fail the upload when users need to know there is a good risk out there, somewhere, which might be a highly valuable risk. After we find that risk, the ‘bad data’ is still visible to the user using our queue-based approach, so you can still see what the errors or warnings are.

Output – after all the above, we understand the need to have a flexible output because that data needs to be processed downstream. Here at distriBind that output is consistent, flexible, and can be delivered in any format you need.

So, this is my Christmas wish list, a list that doesn’t require a stocking, doesn’t require Santa to bring on his sleigh, it only requires a short demo from us, which in the long term, will kick your 2024 off knowing your risk exposure.

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Charlie Rock

Head of Pre-Sales