Breaking the Monday Blues: How distriBind Redefined the Start of my Week

Written at Jan 8, 2024 5:04:25 PM by Iryna Lyulchuk

Breaking the Monday Blues: How distriBind Redefined the Start of my Week

A whole year has passed already? Hard to believe, but I guess time truly flies when you work with an incredible team and enjoy what you do!  

Even before my first day, I knew this was going to be a great journey. About a month before starting, I got an invite to join the team's Christmas party. Despite feeling extremely exhausted that week, and my body still recovering after a long flu, I was excited and curious to meet everyone I would be working with in the new year. Maybe it's because I had already met Dave and got a good sense of the company from his LinkedIn posts and humour, and also two other team members during the interviewing process. But the moment I stepped into the room and was welcomed with a Grasshopper cocktail (there is always a first time and a last to try something new), I knew I made the right decision joining. 

distriBind isn't the first start-up or tech company I've been a part of, but this journey has been special with so many 'firsts' that stand out.  

It marks the first time I joined such a healthy work environment. The concept of work-life balance had always sounded like a nice theory, but I have a chance to experience it first hand since joining. The team spirit here is strong and also flexible, leaving space for everyone to be themselves and most importantly express themselves. It doesn’t matter whether you are CEO, Head of, or a Junior, everyone's opinion holds equal weight, fostering an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere. What I have also seen is that even during challenging moments and unforeseen situations – because let’s be real, what start-up doesn’t have those - we always work towards a common goal. Each of us understands the importance of our contribution and how much our collective efforts are valued. 

Here, I've also discovered that I didn’t need to be the loudest and most talkative in the room to be seen and appreciated, and the opportunities were given based on my actual work – this means a lot, especially for an introvert like myself ! 

And for the first time – don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I love them – but the fear of Mondays has disappeared. Well, except for Jordan, my personal furry assistant , who is not very happy about early wake-ups for morning walks. But his compensation is extra nap breaks and cuddles 

As I reflect on this past year, I realize that it has not only been professionally enriching, where I keep learning and growing every day, but also personally fulfilling. The supportive team, healthy work environment, and countless 'firsts' has made this first year a truly remarkable chapter in my career. I am grateful for the opportunity distriBind gave me to be part of this amazing team and look forward to many more milestones and shared moments in the future! 

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Iryna Lyulchuk

Product Owner